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While you are here, would you like to help stray cats on the island of Malta?

About Ares Software, Inc. and this web site

Ares Software, Inc. was founded in 1995, and has one of the oldest Company web sites on the internet in continuous use.

The name was not chosen because it's the name of the ancient Greek god of war, Ares (similar to the ancient Roman god, Mars). However, it was a fun coincidence.

This web site currently provides a home for professional software engineers in the Greater Boston Area, with the following goals:

  • Discuss technical issues
  • Present technical writings to a sympathetic audience for comments
  • Exchange information about consulting needs and opportunities
  • Organize social events
We regret that at this time membership is by invitation only.

The domain name,, is also used for email for Ares Software Inc., some of its associates, and some of the non-profits whose web sites are hosted by

About Ares, the Greek God of War

Ares, greek equivalent of the ancient Roman god Mars, is a symbol of physical strength, war, and masculinity. As such it attracts many people (and inspires many company names - see Is this the right Ares?). Our company has nothing to do with war, although we like being associated with strength!

While these traits were considered signs of power by the ancients, Ares was not admired as much as some people think. He appears to enjoy violence for its own sake, and had a tendency to act before thinking. As a God he usually got away with it, but us mere mortals recognize these qualities as harmful.

Follow these links and judge him for yourself:

Or, run your own Web search! The above list was from a Google search for:

          "Greek Mythology" Ares

Interesting Links

These are some of the non-profits sponsored by Ares Software Inc.:
  • Kitty Appeal, a one-woman (and her valiant husband) stray-cat rescue operation on the island of Malta

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