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Ares is a very popular name. There is a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to help you figure out which one you want!

We are in no way affiliated with:

  • The Ares Galaxy Project, any of its variants, or any company or individual offering or claiming to offer it;
  • Active Redcode Elaboration System (ARES), a Core Wars program that teaches you some programming skills as you use it;
  • An IT Services provider named ARES, based in Australia;
  • The Amateur Radio Emergency Service;
  • Ares Electronica Industrial S.R.L., a manufacturer of metering pumps (Bombas Dosificadoras) in Buenos Aires, Argentina;
  • A game called ARES, by Ambrosia Software;
  • A Travel Planning Services company called Advanced Reservation Systems, Inc (ARES);
  • A Real Estate Services company for the Portland, OR Metropolitan area called Advanced Real Estate Services (ARES);
  • A company apparently known as Ares Microdevelopment, and supposedly based in Farmington, Michigan;
  • A company known as Ares Multimedia;
  • Ares Software Corporation which, we are told, is responsible for FontMinder, FontChameleon, FontHopper, FontMonger, and FontFiddler. They have apparently been bought by Adobe Systems. Adobe Systems appears to have discontinued these products; you can look for the latest information on their web site;
  • The Merck Serono, formerly Ares-Serono Group, a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, reachable via;
  • The ARES Group, a French IT company, reachable at;
  • Other companies whose name contains the word ARES.

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Sorry, we do not have any additional ways for you to reach any of these companies.

We may, at times, advertise one of these companies or one of their products. You may find these and other ARESes in the Ads on this and other pages of our site. However, we cannot support their products nor give you new ways to contact them.

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