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What do they mean by "FREE", anyway?

FREE means that you get something for nothing. The air you breathe is free, the Internet is free.

Yes, the Internet is free -- but most of us have to pay to connect to it, right?

Similarly, there are products and services you can use to get something for free; but you have to pay for the product or service.

Is there nothing I can get without paying at all?

There are many things on the Internet you can get for free, just like you can get access to the Internet for free at many public libraries.

However, your public library is not a for-profit business. You have to look for companies and organizations that don't need your money to survive. Either because they are financed by the government or by donations, or because they are so big (like Microsoft) that they can afford to give stuff away for free just to make you like them more.

The easiest way is to ask your friends about it, or search various blogs or newsgroups for the product or service you want. But keep in mind, that often a product that is not paid for doesn't offer as much as the one you pay for, or it may contain ads or spyware to allow the owner to make money off you anyway.

The next best way we know is to do a search on your favorite Internet search engine, for the product or service you want together with the key phrase "without paying". It's not foolproof, but it will get you a lot of possible solutions.

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