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Do you Feel you have been Deceived or Cheated?

Note that it's not illegal for an advertiser to say "FREE" yet ask for your money -- it just means that you have to buy their product/service to get to the free stuff (see: What do they mean by "FREE", anyway?).

The first step is always to contact the company first (see above for help on that). Typically the Sales department will be most qualified to help you, at least to determine whether it is just a misunderstanding or not.

If the sales department can't help you, often the Technical Support department will be able to direct you appropriately.

If you can't get a satisfactory solution to your problem, you can often cancel your purchase and get a refund - but act quickly, there is usually a limited time period after your purchase when you can do that.

Remember that these companies depend on their reputation for their success; the last thing they want is to have unhappy customers!

What do they mean by "FREE", anyway?
Do you need Sales or Tech Support?